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If you didn’t know, I’m making a walking simulator type game with Ben Lunato. In a nutshell, the game is very nightmarish TMH-esque characters/monologues set in very nightmarish alien/aci-fi worlds. For a bunch of cool content related to the game, check out Ben’s youtube.

I’m gonna try to keep you guys updated on the development process of this game. this is the start of that.

Currently, I’m in the process of writing/recording audio accompaniment to the many environments that Ben has modeled for the game. I figured that while I was doing this, I would occasionally post updates on the different world’s with some clips of the audio I’m making.

I just finished recording audio for the 1st world, which is an Alien Graveyard Island.

This imgur post has some images of the island along with the audio I’ve recorded.

I’ll add some more images to that imgur post and do another update here in a week or two when I have some audio recorded for the next world.