Feeling ill after battle royale genre games?

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Lamb's Ear
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Feeling ill after battle royale genre games?

Post by Lamb's Ear » Mon Apr 29, 2019 9:27 am

They feel like the culmination of years of market research into how to make games maximally addictive to the detriment or disregard of players' emotional states in the short term and mental health in the long term. I've known two friends who got hooked on Fortnite and one failed college due to it and one almost did but literally shipped his desktop computer to his parents to escape his addiction.

Any personal experience with this? Thoughts?

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Re: Feeling ill after battle royale genre games?

Post by angelboydiscoman » Tue Apr 30, 2019 11:19 am

I've never played a battle royale type video game, but my friend Andrew was describing them to me a few weeks ago and they sound very addictive. something that stood out to me was that when you die, the game is over for you, and a new game starts loading. It occurred to me how smart that is for getting people hooked, cause when you first start playing the game and you suck, your games are gonna be these really short, tense, exciting experiences. It's not like you're playing a 20 minute match where you suck and you keep dying and your team is losing the whole time and it just ends up being a long unrewarding experience.

but I don't really play multiplayer games at all because I suck at video games, and I hate to lose.

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