Board Game Recommendations (and Gripes)

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Board Game Recommendations (and Gripes)

Post by Odin_Odang_Obie » Sat Feb 29, 2020 10:22 pm

As some of you may already know, I "collect" board games. My collection is less a testament to gaming and more a list of games I actually enjoy playing. Every game I own I've played at least 3-5 times, which apparently isn't common among other collectors who may only manage to play a game twice before it's banished to the shelves. So, you can see my priorities are different from most collectors. Below I'll put a short list of games I recommend, as well as my reasoning (and naturally, I'll slip some gripes in).

Settlers of Catan: Settlers is, what I believe, a perfect entry level game for introducing new players to games more advanced than Candyland or Monopoly. Settlers is a classic European style tile game, and introduces many mechanics more advanced games will also include, while still being relatively easy to learn and master.

Dominion: is the quintessential deck building game. I believe it is the one that has started the trend, and is the one that continues to do it the best. Again, Dominion is another great entry level experience to wean you into advanced gaming. And, if it ever gets too "easy" for you, there are plenty of expansions which will greatly change the mechanics and strategies.

Gripe 01: Unfortunately, other deck builders have failed to entertain me as much as Dominion. Perhaps it is because they don't want to be too derivative, but the usual format they use of a Line of cards which constantly changes is frustrating. Each card has to be relatively balanced because it can show up at anytime, and any strategies you may form rely entirely on the luck of, "Will the right cards be available to purchase when it's MY turn?" I'm looking at you, Cryptozoic.

One Night, Ultimate Werewolf: Is a game that's great for parties. It's very much like your classic Mafia or Secret Hitler, but the game only takes around 10 minutes to set up and play. The short time frame also makes your lies and machinations more effective and exciting. You can customize the game as well to vary the experience, and there's a free narrator app that allows everyone to participate in the game. Also, the game itself is very small and easy to transport.

Coup: Another party game. In Coup, you will be playing a fast paced bluffing game in which you try and eliminate all your friends by using deceit, money, and assassins. I don't really know where Coup lies genre wise, other than bluffing game of course. It is a unique game, and one which you can play over and over many times in the span of an hour.

I'll end my recommendations there. I'd love to see your recs, as well as any gripes if you've played these games before. Any gripes are welcome really.

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