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Post by angelboydiscoman » Sun Feb 24, 2019 2:02 am

this is where you submit your writing. you can write any kind of thing.

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Post by Crunchyeater » Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:43 am


Writing to you has proven precarious. However, I devised a scheme for these utterances to cross you. These words I ink are carried via pigeon post to the railroad just along the border, where a telegrapher will, by means beyond me, transport them by wire to his townie peer, who will then input them into their terminal and travel over to you, my sweet. Thus, I must keep my passions restrained, for they will pass through the eyes of far too many souls before reaching the gilded green globes upon the cranial crest I wish to have again in my arms. Why you chose an absence here for those blasted, ungodly, electrical sciences, I do not know, for if you remained I could raise a barn high and mighty, wide in breadth and stance, like Autisticus and Maximus. The earth has been rich and soft this season, our fields will yield a ribbonary bounty this year, especially with the aid of our eldest sons. Every twilight I lay on hay and pray for your sixteen sennights to dwindle quickly. I’ll work harder to ensure no hardship to ever come across our household, my love. Let me know of any way I can add haste in your travels home.

Lost in the stars without you, my dear,
Isn't sitting down just a controlled fall?

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