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First of all, there is a TMH discord server. It’s for $5/$10 people on my patreon – we mainly just 99converse like normal humans, I share WIPs and fresh clips, but SOMETIMES we do something AMAZING.

It was the idea of one user (Alleyman) to start up a TMH ZINE. I was already eventually planning to do some sort of monthly TMH mailer with like a bit of writing and drawing on index cards, so this seemed like a much better version of that. We immediately started working on it. We all wrote a bunch of stuff, a mix of things directly related to TMH universe and tonally related to TMH. In about two weeks, we finished Issue 0 of **THE MIGHTY LIGHTHOUSE**.

I just mailed it out to those guys and some of my friends, here’s the cover and two of its ten pages:



OK! So that’s Issue 0, that’s a test run. We’re planning to revise it a bit and add a few pages for the true premiere issue – being mailed out on JULY 1ST.


1) If you want a copy of said premiere issue being mailed out on JULY 1st, it is FREE FOR EVERYBODY (dom us + int’l = the whole goddamn world) so TAKE IT! email your mailing address to theminutehour@gmail.com. simple, done, beautiful. don’t hesitate, I want big numbers for the Issue 1, even if it means I will never buy a car.

2) If you want to be *subscribed* to the zine, which will be printed/mailed monthly, sign up for the $3 reward tier on my patreon.
**I’ll be printing the day before mailing, if your name isn’t on the list before it’s printed, it’s unlikely you will receive that month’s issue!**

3) If you are already a $5/$10 member, you can opt in to a subscription for free, just email me.

4) YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ANY MONEY TO READ THE MIGHTY LIGHTHOUSE! A digital version of every issue will be here and reddit.com/r/theminutehour mid-month.

3) If you want to *SUBMIT* to future issues of THE MIGHTY LIGHTHOUSE


Join our discord! I set up a text chat channel specifically for contributions to the zine. You can submit pretty much anything you can think of. Art, writing, photoshop, or something so crazy I literally have no idea what it is. That’s what I want. You can also email me a submission. Oh and I just had a good idea! if you submit something that makes it into an issue, any issue, you get that one for free. if it’s not already clear, I WILL NOT BE MAKING MONEY OFF THIS ENDEAVOR!! THIS IS FOR ART AND FOR JESUS!!!

THE MIGHTY LIGHTHOUSE is a TMH monthly zine. The first issue is being mailed out July 1 and is FREE FOR EVERYBODY. After that it’s gonna be $3. You should submit to it, because you’re talented (you know I’m talking to you) and also because then you’ll get it for free again.