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Now that I know the website is coming, I’ve been brainstorming lots of ways to do TMH experiences that are outside of the actual show. I want to eventually have a huge variety and depth of TMH media.

So I wanted to make a TMH browser game. Something that

  1. Can be made incrementally, but playable throughout
  2. Is limited to text/audio (images can be added later for effect)
  3. Is limited to simple mechanics (clicking/selecting set inputs)

With that, I sat down and hammered out a design doc and several script elements for a short Moon Prison game. It consists of 5 consecutive “scenes” that are like interactive TMH episodes. Some scenes have choices that affect the action, others have mini-game elements that you can pass/fail. How you play the first 4 scenes determines what ending scene you’ll get.

It’s a very simple idea, basically just a bit of interactive, moody sci-fi storytelling. I’ve attached the design doc, which explains the scenes more thoroughly and shows some mock ups for graphical style (image above)

The downside: I do not know how to program, so I do not have a programmer on this. I’ve got most of the design done, and I’m slowly getting the script recorded. Andrew has agreed to periodically draw me art for it.

If programming this sounds like something you could do, or know some way you could help, let me know. I would really love to get this game started. It seems like we could make it one episode at a time, and have the latest version playable on the website.

Here’s the link to the design doc, I’ll add to it over time.