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The Mighty Lighthouse Volume 2, Issue 6 went in the mail yesterday. subscribers on patreon and people who ordered from the tmh store should be receiving it in a day or two (or a week if international).

this issue was put together by MoxieFamous, he alternates making the zine with me every month. he’s a very talented man. this month theme was his idea/design, TML GOES TO PRISON.

tml is made up of contributions by a plethora of talented people on the internet. if you want to submit, you can email theminutehour@gmail.com or join our discord server.┬áIf your submission is featured in an issue, you can have that issue mailed to you for free (int’l included).

each print issue of The Mighty Lighthouse costs $3, but digital versions of all issues become freely available right here and here a week after the printed copies are mailed.

I still have a handful of copies of issue 02-06. You can order one from the tmh store.