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11″ x 17″, heavy stock, matte finish. Art by Andrew Sutliff


If you are a US person, you can send $8 (for 1 poster) or $10 (for 2) to paypal.me/theminutehour. That’s the whole cost, it covers the poster + shipping. I will put the poster in the mail the day after I get the payment.

If you’re international, IT COSTS WAY MORE! I’m sorry. Shipping is expensive. It varies from country to country, here are a few that I know, again this is the overall cost:

Canada – $15/$18

UK – $18/$22

Austria – $18/$22

If you live in a different country, send me your mailing address and I’ll calculate the cost.

I have a limited supply of these posters and they’re really great so you should GET ONE! Buy another! Throw it away!!

it’s fun for me to know that there is actual physical TMH art in the world. I tried to keep the price low and the quality high, but shipping kind of fucked it up for intl. if you can’t pay that much but really want one, let me know and we’ll figure it out. THANKING YOU!